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How to get to Nitra:

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How to get to Nitra from Vienna:

Vienna - Bratislava - Nitra: 150 km
Vienna- Bratislava: highway A6
Bratislava- Trnava: motorway D1, exit Nitra road No. 51

How to get to Nitra from Budapest:

Budapest- Komarom- Nitra: 180 km
Budapest- Komarom: motorway M1
Komarom- Nitra: road No. 64

How to get to Nitra from Prague:

Prague- Brno-Bratislava- Nitra: 420 km
Prague- Brno: highway D1
Brno- Bratislava: motorway D2
Bratislava- Trnava: motorway D1, Exit Nitra road No. 51

How to get to Nitra from Warszawa

Warszawa -Krakow- Banska Bystrica- Zvolen- Nitra: 640 km
Warszawa- Krakow- Banska Bystrica- Zvolen: road No. E77
Zvolen- Nitra: road No. E571


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Project info

Prof. Dr. Ing. Elena Horská
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Mgr. Vladislav Valach
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Postal address

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra
Foreign Relations and International Programmes Office
Tr. Andreja Hlinku 2
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