First Visegrad scientific doctoral symposium : Multifunctionality and Regional Development

First Visegrad scientific doctoral symposium titled Multifunctionality and Regional Development took place at St. Istvan University Godollo, Hungary on October 3-5, 2013. The event was organized as a part of the IVF strategic project no. IVF 3111007 “Sustainability in Agrisector of V4 Countries and Cooperating Regions“.

We are glad that more than 100 participants from 20 countries  including Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Russia, Ukraine , Croatia, Germany, Afghanistan , Vietnam , Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan , Moldova , Kosovo , Macedonia , Ethiopia and Kenya took part in this successful event. The presentation of the Keynote speaker,  Prof. John Stanton of Saint Joseph´s University, USA was an inspiration to all young authors who want to improve their academic writing.

Two best papers were awarded the Visegrad Prize during the visit of Karoly Robert College, Gyongyos were the VUA YOUTH memorandum was also signed.

The main objective of  VUA YOUTH will be to create an effective connection between the students and university management enabling easier and more flexible communication. VUA YOUTH  will support the main objectives of VUA and offer space for ideas and suggestions of students from VUA  partner universities.  It was agreed that the students representing VUA universities present at the meeting will nominate one communication manager for each university. Moreover, a VUA YOUTH Facebook webpage as well a button on main VUA webpage  will be created in order to establish effective communication.

According to the VUA President, Prof. Peter Bielik, who introduced the initiative during his plenary speech,  VUA YOUTH means a new chapter in the history of the association giving the students more possibilities and opportunities to communicate their needs, ideas and suggestions with university managements thus influencing the decision making process within universities as well as Visegrad University Association.


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